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4R70 Transmission

4R70 Transmission

Are you looking for an excellent transmission shop? Gearstar is your home for custom-built and high-performance transmissions. Contact Gearstar today.

What Is A 4R70 Transmission?

The 4R70 is a stock transmission, and it is an improvement over Ford's first four-speed AOD (automatic overdrive transmission). Overdrive is the highest gear in your transmission. It allows your engine to operate at lower RPM rates which in turn gives you better gas mileage and a quieter car.  On the 4R70, the third gear ratio is right at 1 to 1, and the overdrive runs at .70 to 1.

Over the years Ford has made considerable improvements on the 4R70 transmission. If you are looking to have a small-body Ford transmission installed, the 4R70 is a viable option. Stock transmissions are not perfect for high-performance but can be a great place to start. With a few modest modifications, you can obtain the high performance you seek.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The 4R70 Transmission?

The benefits of the 4R70w transmission are it has a wider overdrive band, sturdier front pump, solid input shaft, and a locking torque converter. The computer-controlled components offer precise control plus their cases are built with aluminum instead of steel. This improvement makes it weigh less and helps increase gas mileage.

Overall the 4R70 is an excellent basic transmission. It is compatible with several Ford vehicles and doesn't require a lot of modification to install. It is easily retrofit into classic cars, giving them a boost in performance. This transmission is robust, but you need to be careful not to overload it. It does not have unlimited power and torque capacities.

It does have its share of problems. You can fix these by having a reputable transmission shop make some aftermarket improvements. A transmission specialist will be able to take care of these modifications for you. A sound transmission that is properly taken care of will last for years.

How Do I Choose A High-Performance Transmission Shop?

If you are modifying or building a high-performance car, you will want a transmission shop that is specializing in racing or high-performance transmissions.

  • Ask your friends or acquaintances that are into high-end performance engines, cars, and transmissions. Often they will know someone, or they can help direct you in the right direction.
  • You are looking for a specialty shop. Look for one that does transmissions. Buying or upgrading your transmission can be difficult, and if you aren't an expert, so it makes sense for you to hire one.
  • Check their rating with the BBB. Do they have any complaints? If so, what were the claims?
  • Visit the shop. Transmission work can get messy, but the shop should still be organized and semi-clean. Did they have a reception area?
  • Was the staff polite?
  • Did you see licenses and certificates hanging on the wall?
  • Is the shop licensed and insured?

After you have checked out their office and garage, what were your impressions? It is essential you feel comfortable. Do you feel like the shop is trustworthy? Contact Gearstar today.


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