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Driving School Costa Mesa

Article provided by: AP Driving School

Driving School Costa Mesa

For a top driving school in Costa Mesa with over 40 years of experience and highly qualified driving instructors, give AP Driving a call to explore your options. We have several packages that range from 6 to 50 hours of behind the wheel training, and all our packages come with free complimentary pick-up and drop-off services!

How to choose a great driving school

We all know how daunting and nerve-wracking it can be to take your driving test for the first time. But, with proper guidance, preparation, and support, you can ace that test. So, you want to look for a school that has excellent quality training and qualified driving instructors that cater to different learning styles.

Usually, you can judge the quality of training by looking at the instructor's profile, experience, and success. For example, we have been in the business for decades and have passed over 5,000 drivers.

The location is the next most important thing to look for. You want to look for a driving school near where you live, so it’s easy to get to. It would also be nice if the school went the extra mile to help you prepare for the driving test. For instance, we offer free pick-up and drop-off services and Driver’s Ed.

What’s the difference between a permit and a driver’s license?

In order to pass a DMV permit test, you need to complete your Driver’s Ed. As a driving school in Costa Mesa, we provide extensive test preparation and free DMV-approved Driver’s Ed with our packages that would typically cost $50. The course materials are all online, and you can prepare for the test at your own pace with helpful videos and diagrams to help you learn better.

After completing your Driver’s Ed, you can sit for the DMV Permit Test to get your permit. You will need your Driver’s Ed certificate of completion to sit the test (we will mail it to you within a 3-5 business day after you complete Driver’s Ed). 

Only after you get your permit, can you prepare for the driver’s license test. You should go through at least 50 hours of supervised training and signatures from a legal guardian or parent to confirm you have done so. To start your supervised training, you need at least one driving lesson from a certified driving instructor.

What are the fees for the driving school?

How much you’ll spend depends on how much behind the wheel practice you need. Our basic package offers 6 hours driving training for $290, and $475 for 10 hours. You could also get the full 50 hours of supervised training for $2,425.

We also have special promotions for the armed forces. The children of military personnel, law enforcement officers and religious ministers, get a 10% discount on packages.

Are you looking to enter a driving school in Costa Mesa, that provides extensive preparation for your driving test? AP Driving offers various packages, all with complimentary pick-up and drop-off services and free Driver’s Ed.

Get unlimited access to latest DMV approved Driver's Ed course, and pass the DMV Permit Test here

After passing the DMV Permit Test, choose from our 4 affordable packages to start your behind-the-wheel lesson

Driving School Costa Mesa
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