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Wine Tap Dispenser

Wine Tap Dispenser

Select the Ideal Wine Tap Dispenser

Wine and spirits dispensers have become the alternative par excellence for boosting the sale of wine and spirits by the glass in a variety of businesses. Within the industry options, Winemotion™ positioned itself as the best in the USA, thanks to our manufacturing quality, technology, and added value.

However, every business has different characteristics and needs, and that is why when evaluating our premium wine dispenser and preservation systems, you must apply specific criteria, allowing you to choose the best Winemotion™ wine tap dispenser for your business.

Common Features

One of the factors that allow us to offer the best commercial wine dispenser systems is that they all offer several high-end features, which we use in all of our models. These include our advanced Argon gas preservation system, which will help you keep your wines for 30+ days. Also, each Winemotion™ wine dispenser machine offers a precise temperature maintenance range of 42-70°F.

You can offer with all our models 3 serving options: taste, half-glass, and full glass that you can program between 0.3 and 9 ounces/portion. We use low noise compressor refrigeration systems, and our models are made of stainless steel, with the option of RAL® color, both in matte and gloss versions. Last but not least, they all have our awesome WineIDEA software, and the best warranty in the industry: 2 years.

Choose the Best Winemotion™ Dispenser for Your Business:


An excellent choice for behind-the-bar, with 4 bottle positions. You can choose between single zone or dual zone 2+2 refrigeration options. It has a top-of-the-line key digit code control system and a central LCD, with a screen capacitative touch.


Our alternative beats any freestanding 4-bottle wine dispenser on the market, with 4 bottle positions to keep bottles open and in service. Ideal for behind the bar, with a unique cooling zone, and a key digit code system control. It also has a reliable 1 central LCD screen display with mechanical buttons, and white LED cabinet illumination.

Quattro PRO / Due+2 PRO

This is the premium choice of 4-bottle wine dispenser systems, perfect for both behind the bar and self-service with wine cards. It uses a stunning 14-color RGB lighting system for the cabinet and can be carried in either a single zone or dual zone refrigeration system. It has key card activation system control and individual HD displays for each bottle.


This alternative is ideal for serving high-demand environments, as you can accommodate up to or bottles in the dispenser. Perfect for behind the bar, with single-zone refrigeration, or dual-zone 4+4. It uses a key digit code control system, with white LED lighting, and a central LCD screen, with mechanical buttons for dispensing.

Otto PRO

This is the top-of-the-line wine tap dispenser in the Winemotion™ selection, perfect for both bar service and self-service with wine cards. It has 14-color RGB lighting in the cabinet, and you can carry it in a single zone or dual 4+4 refrigeration choices. It also dispenses with individual HD displays for each bottle with mechanical pouring buttons. Learn more about our industry-leading commercial wine equipment or receive a free quote.

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