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Car Insurance Quotes Bradenton

Car Insurance Quotes Bradenton

Once you have bought an auto insurance policy, you can cancel it if you feel that you no longer need it. On the other hand, your insurance provider may also decide to terminate your policy. At Quote Savage, we prepare our clients for such scenarios. When they get car insurance quotes in Bradenton from us, we answer their questions regarding their policy of choice. Hence, they’ll know how to deal with policy cancellation and other issues.

Terminating Your Auto Insurance

To terminate a policy, you’re required to make an official cancellation request with your insurer. You can do that in the following ways:

  • Pay a visit to your agent’s office and request to sign a cancellation form
  • Make a call to your agent notifying them of your wish to cancel. That is the fastest way to terminate your policy. However, note that some companies may require your signature, which means you’ll have to use other means such as visiting their office
  • Sign a written cancellation request form, then fax or mail it to your agent. Details to include in the form include your policy number, name, and the date you wish to terminate the contract.
  • If you already have a new insurance agent, you can ask them to fax the necessary cancellation document to your old insurer on your behalf

Can Your Insurance Company Cancel Your Auto Policy?

Your insurance provider can decide to cancel your policy if:

  • You have made a lot of claims within the term of your policy
  • During your application, you gave false information or withheld useful information that could have affected the terms of your policy
  • You have defaulted your monthly or annual premium payments one too many times
  • A claim that you’ve made is proven to be fraudulent
  • Your driver’s license has been either been revoked or suspended

Other reasons for cancellation could be unrelated to you as a policyholder. For instance, the company might have decided to phase out that certain policy from their offers.

What Can You Do After Your Insurer Has Cancelled Your Auto Policy?

State laws dictate when an insurance company can cancel an auto policy. Therefore, if you think your cancellation is unfair, you should report the matter to the state insurance commission. State insurance commissioners protect the public’s interest and can help you if you’re having issues with your insurer.

You can also call your insurer seeking to get reinstated. If you had missed a payment, your insurance provider might require you to pay off what you owe before they can reinstate your policy. On the other hand, if you do not wish to contest the cancellation, you can look for a different insurance company.

Get Reliable Services

We've been given a rating of 4.9 stars by our clients for quick response, accurate, and reliable insurance services. At Quote Salvage, our customers always come first. As such, we ensure that they know what they’re signing up for with any policy they take. We also offer free car insurance quotes in Bradenton. If you want any type of insurance, get in touch with us today on (727) 900-5888.

Car Insurance Quotes Bradenton

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